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all things fandom
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Welcome! allthingsfandom is a landcomm for, well, all things fandom!

We have 4 teams: Dragon/teamdrake, Fairy/teamfae, Mermaid/teammermaid & Unicorn/teamuni, but unlike the other landcomms, we also accept Solo Players as well. You can choose one fandom and a character and that will be your team name.

We focus on the fandoms you love. There are challenges, contests and games here to participate in. Monthly challenges, themes, live games, anything and everything. There's so much variety, there's surely something for you to take interest in.

We will also have shops! The shop community/fandom_shops will be put together soon.

Your mods are Heather/adawong, Alexandra/fluttershy, Laura/hughville & Sica/velociraptorx!

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