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You Are Alive When They Start To Eat You

Another Comm..

Welcome everyone! I'm so glad you all have joined us.

We have created another comm that is *optional* for everyone to join. It is called fandom_post and I shall discuss its purpose below!

** Due to comments having a limited number of characters that can be typed in them, we have given you the option to either post to your personal journal/community (make it public) or post to the community above.
** When you submit to the actual challenge/contest/etc post, you will link to your post that you made either in the community or in your personal journal/community. (Don't forget your signature!)
** Also, a bonus of the community is that if you would like to receive constructive criticism to help improve your skills or even just to receive compliments from fellow members, you can! (Make sure you state what you'd like, if anything!)
** This comm will be nothing but positivity, so any constructive criticism will be done respectfully and in a positive manner.

To summarize posting options:
You have three choices
A) post it in the comments of the challenge post
B) post it at your personal journal/community then leave a link to it in the team/solo thread of the challenge post
C) post it at fandom_post then grab the link and leave it in a comment to the challenge.

If you have any questions, please ask! We are here to help!
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